“Stay in, grab a drink and go buckwild.”

I was tasked with creating a fictional brand of alcohol and designing its entire branding system, from an original logo, to packaging, to the company’s annual report. Influenced by my Irish background and love for whiskey, Buckwilde was born.

updated bottle label.jpg

Concepting, sketches, and final logo.

The company name and logo were inspired by the now-extinct Irish Elk, once the largest deer to ever roam the planet. It’s astounding antlers are what distinguish it from other deer today; its unique curvatures and jagged points make it instantly recognizable and became the primary imagery in the branding.

buckwild rustic sketch 1.JPG
logo 3 inch.jpg

Brand standards manual

View PDF here.

brand manual cover and spread.jpg

Annual report

View PDF here.

annual report spread.jpg

Website UI design

View interactive prototype here.