The Theta Tau controversy had a huge impact on Syracuse University’s campus in April 2018.

On April 18, 2018, The Daily Orange broke the story of the Theta chapter of the Theta Tau professional engineering fraternity filming racist, sexist and homophobic skits; the D.O. also covered the subsequent student protests, administrative actions and court processes following the expulsion of the fraternity.

One year later, the D.O. news staff revisited the controversy: how did the student conduct hearing process turn out? What happened to the protesters, and to the touring admitted students who are now part of the campus community? Have any substantial changes occured in the engineering school?

I was responsible for branding this project and concepting the cover art and center spread. The priority was to be conscious of the pain that these events caused folks while highlighting their magnitude. The branding was implemented in the print product and the digital landing page.

This 16 page insert is the culmination of two months of collaborative work between the design, photo and news departments.

cover page.jpg